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Escape rooms make the perfect party activity! Whether it's a bachlor(ette), field trip, workplace teambuilding, or just a night out - everyone loves being puzzled

Our admission price is $25/player +tax. Because large group bookings require more staff, and are more challenging to facilitate, we do not offer discounted rates. Our current maximum number of players per hour is 25. Groups larger than 25 players will be further divided over 2+ hours.  

We are happy to accomodate group bookings outside of our regular hours of operation. Get in touch with us to chat about specific availiabity.


$30/player (+tax)

Use this form to submit an inquiry for your party!

$50/hour (+tax)




Changes in group size need to be communicated at least 72 hours prior to the booking start time. If your group arrives for your booking with fewer players than originally booked, and this change in group size was not communicated, you will be charged the cost of the original booking.
Deposits are non-refundable within 48 hours of the booking start time.

The current escape rooms have a collective capacity of 25 players per hour. If your group is more than 25 players, you will be split in half, and your groups will play over the course of 2 hours.  The groups waiting are welcome to wait in the party room and play board games. 

Children's birthday parties are welcome, however if all players are less than 12 years old, an adult must remain on site. The kids are able to play the game(s) by themselves, and are given extra hints and clues to help them be successful. 
Children 7 and younger are not charged to play, however everyone else is $25+tax.


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