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Detective Benjamin Larsen

Badge No. 9361

Grand Larceny Division

1st Precinct - Tribeca, NY


New York City Police Department

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Case No. 7239


Bank Robbery - Friday, May 8 - 17:23EST

Sterling National Bank

500 7th Ave 3rd floor, New York, NY 10018, United States

Responding Officer(s): Det. Benjamin Larsen, Det. Elizabeth Grant

Investigation: Ongoing

Arrests Made: none

Case No. 62259


Vic. Debra Sanders

136 Houston Street W, Manhattan, NY 10012, United States

Responding Officer(s): Det. Stephen Bragetti

Investigation: Ongoing, awaiting coroner results

Arrests Made: none

Death - Wednesday, May 6 - T.O.D. unknown

Lab Results

Case No. 62259 - Autopsy Results

Case No. 7239 - Forensics (print analysis)

Case No. 7239 - Security Footage analysis



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