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We have been working hard to bring the excitement and mystery of our escape rooms to the comfort and safety of your home! When you purchase an At-Home escape room, you will pick up a package that contains half of your game - the other half is found online.

It is your mission to solve the puzzles and complete the game by using the contents of the package with the information found online.

Our At-Home escape room is $40 + tax,
can be picked up from our location at 
1188 St. Jerome Street, unit 108,
and is recommended for up to
4 players (ages 12+).

To order a copy of our at home escape room,

contact us to find out when our next pickup date is scheduled!
You can contact us on
Facebook, by phone (705-885-9854),

 or by submitting an inquiry here.

Order Here

We'll be in touch soon!

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